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 It is never going to happen!

Jasmine: What?

Antonio: You know…it’s never going to happen-

Jasmine: You talking about                                                      ?

Antonio: Yes.

Jasmine: Haha…- why do you say this?

Antonio: Because I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting way too long.

Jasmine: Sometimes things take a while.

Art takes a while – I read recently that Leonardo Da Vinci would sometimes take 10 years to complete his work and that’s only because he was striving for perfection. 

Antonio: Right - but why should I be interested now? I am not seeing anything.

Jasmine: Well, you are free to continue your wait or you can say screw this and never think about

again.     - OR - 

What if there was something intriguing - even if it is just one bubble with one word in it?  One word that would dangle just enough for you to catch it and move on to the next word adding something to your day or life that makes you chuckle.  - OR -

Maybe you will see something truly angelic or spiritual that is so amazing it stays with you and moves you to share it with someone else?


Waiting for something unseen takes a lot of patience.

You do it every day when you know there is something coming but you can’t quite see it. 


So…the way I see it is something very cool is coming and I want to be part of it.

I want to see and read the stories from                                  .

I want to buy the book Even the Blossom that Weeps has a Purpose.


I want to order from SR Photography and purchase my first one-of-a-kind handmade wood keepsake designed just for me at The REPurpose Purpose and maybe - just maybe grab a pair of handcrafted earrings at Dazzle, Dangle, Charm to show my crazy spirit and faith. 


 I want to be part of something and someone who shares their unique purpose with others so yeah I will wait…

Hey! where did you go?

Antonio: In here!!


Jasmine: Where?


Antonio: Here! Check this out!

What are you waiting for?

It’s here!!! In here…

In case you missed it - and has launched and there are bubbles are everywhere…

In case you are still here - Click this Bubble now!

See you inside!

Thank you for signing up for the launch of and 

By doing so you have become recipients of the weekly newsletter Bubbles Filling Bubbles. 

You will be receiving an anecdotal rant (story) from mua – me - 

That’s right – word paths for you to pause for a moment and read – then laugh, be inspired, generate a thought or two, and then move on – vamoose – be gone – finish your day or whatever it is that you do.


In case you are still here in the first Bubbles Filling Bubbles newsletter – feel free to reply or forward this to family and friends and get this crazy party started!

After all it is all of you who inspire me!!!

(Antonio and Jasmine are created toon people designed for fun at Bubbles Filling Bubbles - read more about them in future issues of Bubbles Filling Bubbles.) 



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