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Pause for a Purpose

Kiss my tail wing

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Welcome to the adventure!


is place to spark

the spirit of the visitor.  

It is a place where

(that's me - see Books)

splashes word-filled


on the white space of the page

creating poems, stories, and

inspirational word paths.


It is a place where vivid photos are lurking

waiting to peek the imagination.


It is a place where the beauty of

century-old barn wood

is exquisitely repurposed

into personalized home décor.


It is a place where beads and stones

are fashioned into earrings and necklaces 

just for fun.


It is an avenue to see what is unseen.

Each of everything found

along the way

is for purchase.

Enjoy books, wall photography,

personalized home décor, jewelry, and more…


Stay inspired each week

via email

by receiving newly inspired stories

Bubbles Filling Bubbles”

written by 



this is a place where

faith, hope, love, and a  humor are shared.

Enjoy your journey!

Bubbles for author logo
Bubbles for author logo

Faith in shedding light, capturing creation,

proving existence, and approaching tomorrow with the courage to experience

that which has yet to be seen.

Believe the vivid colors filling this world,

believe the placement of each step

grounding the journey,

and believe the purpose of each new day.

Curiosity is intriguing


while we are all windows of grace,

opening doors leads to discovering
new journeys.

Stroll through each of the categories and gaze upon the details captured. 

The enchantment is uncanny and colors astounding!

Wooden Board

The REPurpose Purpose

Hand carved wedding gift.

Handcrafted Wood Gifts

For the beauty of authentic barn wood,
for the desire to create lasting memories,
and for you -
so that you have that one-of-a-kind special gift
for that special person
for their upcoming event.
Or, for you to have that extraordinary
center-piece to accessorize your home.


Dazzle! Dangle! Charm!

Earrings and necklaces

made to

Dazzle your style,

Dangle your passion, and/or Charm your onlooker. 

Designed by

for the purpose of faith,

and fun,

and lasting impressions.

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