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The REPurpose Purpose

The idea for these designs came after receiving multiple invitations one year that included

weddings, birthday celebrations, and a few charity benefits.


We thought it would be cool to incorporate the invitations with authentic barn wood

and give a personalized gift that would last forever.

By repurposing the wood, the invitation transformed into a keepsake.

(Rather than allowing the wood to age and rot away.)

We began our gift-giving and found there was a niche for the handcrafted wood art.


As a result of these one-of-a-kind keepsakes,

requests started coming in to design pieces that would highlight personal photos instead of invitations.

The outcome was amazing and

The REPurpose Purpose

 handcrafted wood gifts was born.


Today, these repurposed wood gifts are designed with or without invitations or photos.

They are works of art to display on walls or on a shelf.

Of course, the original personalized designs are still the favorites and are made to order.


Shown here are examples of previously made gifts.

Each gift was designed to reflect an individual event or purpose. 

You may choose a similar background if you see something you like; or,

you may order something that's unique to only you and your purpose.  


All you have to do is fill out the form (be specific) requesting your one-of-a-kind, made-by-hand

wood keepsake and/or feel free to ask questions.


Once your request is submitted by clicking the button,

you will be contacted via email to chat about the details – the who, what, when…etc.  


The front of the project will reflect your personalized request. 


The back includes: Made specially for (name), From (name), and the date.  


Please be patient,

once your gift is ordered allow at least 15 days for turn around as it is

mua  -

who will be doing all of the drawing, carving, burning, detailing and finishing of your beautiful wood gift

before it is ready for delivery.


Like what you see? But not sure?

Some ideas include a favorite quote or bible verse,

a photo from SR Photography,

or a memorial for a loved one. 

The options are endless – just submit a note and get your project started.

The REPurpose Purpose

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