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Even the Blossom that Weeps Has a Purpose 

written by                                                             

 is a book filled with inspirational poetry and stories

(known here at as word paths)

supported by photos and bible verses.  

The adventure begins when



takes a journey down a dimly lit path seeking

inspiration from that dreadfully dark empty space

that paralyzes the mind (yeah – okay, writer’s block) 

only to find Quiet Treasures  (page 2) along the way.  

While the darkness finds inspiration in itself, 

the story finds light knowing that tomorrow is another day.  

Turning pages...find that as there is more to what is seen and unseen,

and in the end…where are all the people? 

Quiet Treasures

a pen and blank page –

unseen words are the mission today.

Wondering where to find them,

if efforts are worthy,

fishing today might be a bit murky…

Further inside,

are poetical word paths including,

What Words Will You Choose?,


and  Believe.
Each word path is accompanied with a supporting photo or image

inspired by God’s creation to engage the eye and capture the seen and unseen.  

The proof is amazing.

Pause For A Purpose Back Cover.JPEG

Coming Soon

The Next Curve - Unseen


One Man, One Woman, and One Amphitheatre

The Next Curve - Unseen.jpeg
One Man One Woman One Amphitheater.jpeg

All three books are completely different in nature.

While Even the Blossom that Weeps has a Purpose is inspirational,

The Next Curve – Unseen is a novella,

and following close behind,

One Man, One Woman, One Amphitheatre

is a humorous word path unearthing relics. 

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