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SR Photography

 Faith in shedding light, capturing creation, proving existence, and approaching tomorrow

with the courage to experience that which has yet to be seen.

Believe the vivid colors filling this world,

believe the placement of each step grounding the journey,

and believe the purpose of each new day.

Curiosity is intriguing and opening doors leads to discovering new journeys.

Stroll through each of the categories,

gaze upon the details captured, 

and get lost in the dawn of each moment.

The enchantment is uncanny and colors astounding!



Angels holding rainbows,

forming stars, and watching from the clouds...

Seeing the unseen and capturing the moment.


And I saw another mighty Angel come down from heaven,

clothed in a cloud,

and a rainbow was upon his head…  Rev. 10:1   

Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds

This world thrives through the seed and the planting of it, resulting in the infinite number of colors blending, mixing, and molding

until its beauty is revealed.



Where there is no bitterness, no rage, no slander…

only love.

It is the only form of peace.



Yesterday doesn’t have to determine

where you are going today -

because today is filled with encouragement to confidently go where you haven’t yet been.en.