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Happy 4th of July!

New items have arrived and the gift shop is only a few days to opening!

Kiss my tailwing at Pause for a Purpose gift shop and online store
Pause for a Purpose - Gift Shop opening soon!

In the meantime - new gifts including SR Photography, wood decor from The RePurpose Purpose, and jewelry from Dazzle, Dangle, Charm have been handcrafted and will be on display within the week. We are excited to share that SR Photography now includes t--shirts, totes, and mini photos - the gifts keep flying in... and we hope you enjoy them.

SR Photography focuses on finding photo opportunities around every corner - sometimes they just pop up - and the moment is ceased as seen in one of the latest photos. Orders for t-shirts have taken a flight of their own. Adult sizes available in black or blue. The back reads

All photography is available on t-shirts as they are added to the gift shop and online store.

The RePurpose Purpose - although it has its own inventory (watch for photos here) - is available for one-of-a-kind personalized wedding and party gifts - made just for you!

Fly in to for everything still unseen!!

Happy 4th - WhiteSPACE&Bubbles

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